• We provide part time maids that would do all around the house cleaning , helping out in the kitchen, watering your plants and giving you the extra help within their scope of work.
  • We care about the environment, so our maids are trained to only use enough cleaning detergent not acessive. Less is more. 

From the moment people step out of their cars, they begin forming an opinion of the property.

 Do tenants, employees & visitors see pleasing, well maintained grounds? 

Does the front door sparkle?

 Are people greeted with a smile by the day porter?

If you have Class A office space, do your marble floors, fine woodwork & decorative metals shine? 

Make yourself feel right at home once more

Depending on your preferences, your one-off domestic cleaning session may cover the entire property or focus on a specific area, such as your bathroom and kitchen, and also offer:

  • 24/7 customer support: Call at any time to get answers & manage your bookings;
  • Flexible schedule: The team can arrive on workdays, weekends, and bank holidays;
  • Reliable cleaners: All deep cleaning operatives are insured and have received thorough training;
  • Extra services: For a small fee, the experts can also do professional dip-tank oven cleaning, or upholstery cleaning & deep carpet cleaning.

Office Cleaning Service

We ensure that our office cleaning services will leave you stress free. For  years carewell services has been a reliable, professional and reputable office cleaning company providing top-quality office cleaning services for customers nationwide.
Some of the office cleaning services included:

  • Trash and recycling removal and disposal.
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Carpet vacuuming.
  • Floor care.

Periodical Cleaning Service​

Carewell provides periodical cleaning with contract based staffing and mutual agreement.

We pride ourselves on our quality service and customer satisfaction. We are able to handle any detailing needs that may arise for you.

Manpower Service

Carewell Manpower is the global leader in contingent and permanent staffing, providing organizations of all sizes with a continuum of staffing solutions to enhance business agility and competitiveness.

Carewell Manpower helps you to manage the ever changing talent needs in today’s world of work in which rapid access to the right talent is a powerful competitive advantage. With our thorough understanding of staffing trends and our deep pool of highly qualified Candidates, Manpower can deliver the talent, matching the right individual to the right job—faster and with better business results.